About Specialist Heat Exchangers

Specialist Heat Exchangers Ltd have been designing and manufacturing bespoke, compact, efficient cooling equipment for industrial and petrochemical applications since 1968. Success in achieving the most compact cooling solution is attributed to selection of both high efficiency internal and external extended surfaces that can be balanced to achieve maximum heat transfer performance.

A member of HDT Automotive Group the company prides itself on producing quality products at competitive prices, with on time delivery, worldwide.

Specialist Heat Exchangers head office

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SHE have developed a range of high performance internal and external surfaces which, when combined, provide a market leading high performance cooling solution.

All of the surfaces have been extensively in-house tested and the resulting data, combined with bespoke thermal design software, ensures that the optimum design can be achieved every time.

All SHE equipment is manufactured in-house to ensure quality and performance is maintained. SHE are familiar with the requirements of the world's major oil and gas companies. SHE designs and manufactures in accordance with API 661 and currently hold the ASME "U" stamp

All SHE finned tubes are manufactured in the UK by Tube Fins Ltd. TFL are also a HDT company and supply finned tubes globally.