Heat Transfer Surfaces

Block Fin

SHE have taken existing compact block fin technology and added a unique high performance internal surface for fluid cooling applications where a robust and compact solution is needed. Compliance with the requirements of API 661 can be met along with a wide range of material options.

Thermal Performance

Improved over more conventional ribbon fin tubes - the increased performance available from the block fin construction means that a greater thermal efficiency can be gained which in turn leads to cost saving through a reduction in the use of corrosion resistant materials as well as savings in weight and space. Flexible construction allows for variable fin spacing from extremely fine for high performance or widely spaced for fouling conditions.

High Integrity

There are no concessions in construction as tube and fin thickness can be varied to suit the application. This ensures a cost competitive solution specifically designed for the purpose intended – whether it be a heavy fouling environment where regular cleaning is required and thicker fins are utilised or where pressure vessel codes/standards dictate the tube thickness to be used. The automatic fin to tube loading system ensures a repeatable interference fit – this is important to ensure the thermal performance is met and also to ensure there is no mechanical deformation or stress damage to the base tube.


As Block Fin can be manufactured from such a wide range of materials it can be used in virtually any application and because it can be manufactured with tubes of any thickness make it ideal for ASME VIII and API 661 coolers.
Block Fin Image